OMNIA – Italian Desks in the world

The network ‘OMNIA – Italian Desks in the world’, of which GRM Law is one of the founders, was launched on 10th June 2016.

‘OMNIA - Italian Desks in the World’ has been founded by the following law firms:

Law Firm Italian Desk's Representative Country
ATKP Mario Tessitore Russia
Bartolome & Briones Paolo Ronco Spain
Bonn Steichen & Partners Fabio Trevisan Luxembourg
DF Advocates Kevin Deguara Malta
FLD Swiss & Italian Law Firm Antonello Meloni Switzerland
GRM Law Caterina Iodice UK
GWA Great Way Advisory Giovanni Pisacane China
GWA Great Way Advisory Daniele Zibetti China
WKB Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr sp.k. Domenico Di Bisceglie Poland
Racine Carla Di Fazio Perrin France
Racine Alessia Aldé France


The aim of Omnia is to provide assistance in Italian language to Italian businesses and Institutions through a dedicated legal specialist in the countries where each member of Omnia is located. Each Omnia legal specialist is, however, not only an Italian speaker who knows and understands Italian culture and customs but is also a professional with  experience and/or legal qualifications in the specified foreign country.

The network will develop comparative studies regarding legal matters and experience between the member law firms. OMNIA’s members also intend to create, share and to develop an international network of contacts in various sectors outside the legal sector (such as accounting and finance) to support business opportunities and to enable Italian clients of each member firm  to have access to the benefit of assistance and advice offered by all the member firms to support and facilitate the implementation of their projects outside Italy.

The network will create, develop and consolidate relationships with law firms that share the same philosophy/policy and clients’ approach who are not in competition with any Italian law firms but are willing to enhance a close collaboration with them.

OMNIA event in Milan - 8th November 2017

OMNIA is celebrating the launch of the network with an event that is taking place in Milan, Italy on November 2017. For full details about the event and to register for it, please see the invitation here.